Flower Show School

Susan Billmayer, Chairman

Flower designIf you are interested in becoming a Flower Show Judge or would like to learn more about floral design and horticulture, Flower Show School educational courses will introduce the elementary concepts. All garden club members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Please e-mail Susan with questions or sign up to start the course work, or call: (406) 379-2545

Landscape Schools

Christi Mock, Chairman

Landscape schoolThe Landscape Design School Program is a series of four courses presented for students to study the history, development, planning, and implementation of landscape design.

Those who attend and complete the Landscape Design School make positive contributions to their communities in which they live when they put into practice the knowledge they gain in the courses.

Mary Davis, Denise Fink, Darlene Skari, Christine Touchari, Sue Leferink, Christie Mock and Helen Tobol have completed all course work and are Montana Landscape Consultants in good standing.

Objectives of the Landscape Design School Program:

      • Develop a greater sense of appreciation, pride, and knowledge about our private and public gardens.
      • Become better educated to make changes to our surroundings so that they will be beautiful, useful, convenient, ecologically sound, and easily maintained.
      • Stimulate interest in all phases of landscape design, including community planning, that will affect all of our lives.
      • Develop a contingent of qualified Landscape Design Consultants to serve in such decision-making areas of public life as providing leadership, educational programs, scholarships, awards, and promoting better landscape design.

Please email Christie for more information.