Gardening Projects and Activities

Toni Ziegler, Chairman

An award-winning youth container garden

An award-winning youth container garden

Former MFGC President Mary McLane and other Yellowstone County Master Gardeners work with a summer school group of young children to learn gardening techniques and flower arranging.  Statewide, many members participate with many youth groups throughout the year.  Congratulations to these clubs for taking time for Montana children: Bozeman, Chester, Great Falls Flower Growers (2 clubs), Gumbo Gals in Nashua, Jumping Junipers in Chinook, Malta Dirt Daubers (2), Thumb-R-Green in Billings, Saco, Sow and Grow, and Dillon.

Some youth garden clubs are in schools while others are through organizations (4-H, Girl Scouts, Campfire Girls) and some are family and neighbors. Keep up the good work of fostering the love of gardening and nature in our Montana youth!

Would your club like to learn more about starting a junior garden club? Contact our state chair for more youth-related projects, Toni Ziegler.

We sponsor several contests for children.  All rules are posted on the National Garden Club website under Youth Contests.  Please contact Greg Cooper for information about each of these:

2017-2018 Poetry Contest Theme: “Let it Grow”

2018-2019 Poetry Contest Theme: “Pop Goes the Seed”

2017-2018 High School Essay Contest Theme “Community Gardens – A Solution to Blight, Crime, and Hunger”

2018-2019 High School Essay Contest Theme “The Impact of Bottled Water on the Environment and the Water Supply”

There are also contests for creating a Smokey Bear or Woodsy Owl poster (see below), and a contest for youth “sculpture” to encourage youth to keep our planet green.

Don’t forget to check out NGC Member Services for the two new children’s book “The Frightened Frog” and “The Saved Seed,” and download the teaching curriculum, too.

Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Contest

A National Garden Clubs, Inc. Poster Contest for children in first through fifth grade that gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of wildfire prevention and environmental conservation.

For rules and information contact:

Jennifer Strzelczyk, Chairman
PO Box 1254, Malta 59538-1254

You can also read more about the contest on the National Garden Club website.